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We manufacture: Shrink Sleeves, Hologram laminated Sleeves, Printed PVC Rolls/Tubes, Preformed Sleeves and BOPP labels.

Some of the various industries where these sleeves are being used are:

BOPP labels are being widely used nowadays in the Packaged Drinking Water/Mineral Water and Beverages Industry. They are also finding favour recently in the Edible Oils Industry. You have a choice of clear or pearlised finish which makes the label very attractive. Their application on the bottle is completely automated so any industry with large scale production will find BOPP to be a lucrative option. This is also the most cost effective alternative
to any other packaging material being used today.

Pharmaceuticals : This is one of the major consumers of shrink sleeves. These sleeves are being used in various Glass, PET, HDPE and Aluminium Containers. Apart from the main sleeve or label, shrink sleeves are being applied to the neck of various containers to make the product pilfer proof. Holograms also find a major favour in this industry because of the sensitivity of the product and to ensure a genuine product.

Packaged Drinking Water/Mineral Water: This is one of the fastest growing industries today. Both Shrink Sleeves and BOPP labels find favour in this industry. These labels are being used in various sizes ranging from 200ml bottles to 20 litres jars. Holograms are commonly seen laminated to the shrink sleeves on the neck of the 20ltr jars.

Aerated/Non Aerated Beverages : These include Carbonated Water, Soft Drinks like colas, etc, Flavoured Milk, Juices, Hot Beverages like tea, coffee etc. Again both Shrink Sleeves and BOPP labels are commonly used in these products. As packaging is one of the easiest ways to draw attention to these products, one gets to see these beverage bottles in various shapes and sizes with innovative designs.

Edible Oils/Lubricants: Oils and Grease have the ability to stick to the surface of the containers thereby making them messy, slippery and inconvenient to use. Shrink Sleeves are used there because oil/grease does not damage the label upon wiping and makes the container appear clean and easy to use.

FMCG: As the name suggests, these are Fast Moving Consumer Goods and need innovative designing and packaging as they have a short shelf life and hence packaging and designs keep changing to keep customer’s attraction levels towards these products.

Cosmetics : This is again one industry where these shrink sleeves are used in various forms to enhance the appearance of the products. Powders, Creams, Shampoos, Moisturisers, Hair-Oils, Perfumes, Deodorants, the list is endless. From a 5ml Cream Container to 1ltr Shampoos, all use Shrink Sleeves to make an attractive product with extra sales appeal.

Liquor Industry : The sleeve is applied on the neck of the bottle with a laminated hologram which looks aesthetically pleasing and makes the product Tamper Proof and Pilfer Proof. This is extremely crucial in such a sensitive industry.

Apart from these there are various other applications and industries where Shrink and BOPP labels are being used. From the edible oil bottles/sauces/jams/pickles in your kitchen to the water/beverages consumed by you throughout the day, from the shampoos/powders/creams in your washrooms to the lubricants/coolants used in your cars, from the pens/pencils/pads you use in your office to the paints/cleansers/detergents used in your homes, all use labels in some form or the other. The applications are endless. Just think of a product and there are more chances than none that they would be using our labels!

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